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Thinking about weight loss is certainly a common matter among us. We keep on trying different kind of diets, excluding certain food, but we usually forget to combine the diet with a helpful supplement.

Here comes Matcha. A fantastic, natural product, whose benefits were underestimated until a few years ago by Western countries but is now a well-recognized superfood. The powder can bring a large amount of nutrients to your body. If you are looking to lose weight, Matcha is a great addition to your diet, as well as a clean and natural way to detoxify your body, be energized and get more vitamins.

Here are some tips to incorporate Matcha into your diets:

  • Start your morning with a traditional Matcha tea, or a Matcha smoothie!

Here is one of our favorite super easy Matcha smoothie recipe that you can start the day with:


-1 Large Mango (fresh or frozen)

-2 Frozen Bananas

-2 Large Handfuls Baby Spinach

-2 tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder

-1 cup (240ml) Light Coconut Milk


Blend the milk, Matcha powder and spinach first. Add the fruits, and blend until creamy. Tip: you can use different types of frozen fruits!

  • Replace bad caffeine with Matcha

Replace cappuccinos, lattes, and other sugary caffeinated drinks with a warm cup of Matcha latte. Thanks to its components, Matcha provides a healthy source of caffeine without the jitters of regular coffee !

  •  Weight loss doesn’t mean no desserts!

Be creative, replace the regular flour with almond flour and sugar with natural sweeteners. Add some Matcha on top of your favorite desserts for both the awesome taste and the nutrients !

For your inspiration here is a CHOCOLATE MATCHA ENERGY BALLS recipe:

-1/2 cup soft, pitted dates* (make sure they are sticky)

-1/2 cup raw almonds

-1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

-1 Tbs matcha green tea powder + more for dusting

-1 Tbs unsweetened almond milk

Blend together in a food processor dates and almonds(until a sticky mixture)

Add cocoa powder, matcha powder and almond milk.

Process until all ingredients have been combined and form into a large sticky ball. Form 10 small sticky balls. Roll the balls in more Matcha powder.

For the recipes, you can use our Culinary Matcha

Aren’t you loving your new Matcha diet ?

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