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Bamboo-Chasen or regular spoon?

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Tea-drinking has a long, fascinating history. The process itself represents an art and technical refinement. So, if you are at the beginning of your Japanese tea drinking journey, meet an important “member” of the process - the traditional Bamboo Chasen. By using this handmade masterpiece, you will be able to prepare the original, genuine Matcha tea, just like Japanese do.
Here are some advantages of using the handcrafted utensil:
  • The handmade cuts in the bamboo whisk prevent the formation of lumps in your tea.
  • As the Chasen is made from Bamboo, it has bristles which create a nice foam to your drink.
  • The Chasen is a great instrument to aerate the mixture. It will mix the powder and water well, and provide the original, foamy, savory taste of Matcha Tea.
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