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Mushroom Blend
Michelle W.
I love mushroom blend in the morning:)!

I use the mushroom blend in my morning coffee. It gives the coffee a deep and richness without changing the flavor. I enjoy my morning coffee more with mushroom blend.

The best!!

I used to drink espresso every day and now I’ve become really sensitive to caffeine, so this has been a great alternative. I feel alert and more focused but I don’t crash midday and it doesn’t make my stomach uncomfortable like coffee does now. I was about to get a new one since mine’s almost out but so sad to see it’s sold out rn. Definitely buying multiple when they restock.

Such a treat

Tastes amazing. I add maple syrup and oat milk.

Mushroom Blend
Mariam A.
I love it

I love this tea. My go to tea in the morning.


This collagen powder is so mellow and flavorless so you can add it to anything! I have tried other powders and got upset stomach. The reserve collagen is flavorless so I add it to my coffee and smoothies. My hair has gotten stronger and my skin! I wish it came in a bulk container though.

The best instant coffee out there!

Best tasting instant coffee I’ve ever had. I bought three of them on my last order. I recommend this product to anyone trying to save time on their morning routine. Easily dissolves in warm to low temperature water if you prefer iced coffee. Great for runners looking to get that early boost without any intestinal discomfort later on.
The coconut powder makes it easy on your stomach as well. I highly recommend this adaptogenic coffee.

Excellent matcha

This matcha is amazing. I love the taste of it!

Delicious is good for you!!

Love and look forward to using this creamer every morning.

Vanilla Matcha
Rachel W.

Really high quality taste!

Marine Collagen
Leslie T.
Great product

Love this collagen

My kids love them and ask for their vitamins everyday!

Awesome energy with no side effects

I am very sensitive to caffeine and this coffee blend gives me the energy I need without the terrible side effects. It also tastes amazing and a little goes a long way. I use with the Brain & Gut Healthy creamer. It's a wonderful treat in the morning! I am so thankful to find this product.

Mushroom Blend
judith P.
What’s life w/o it?

I’m hooked foreva eva! It’s a massive game changer & I don’t know how I would have survived the most stressful year of my life thus far, without this. Ppl tell me I look like I’m glowing from within & I’m like, “really caz my life is a MESS, but thanks!” All thanks to this amazing blend.

Lifetime Customer

I love this blend! It really gives that boost of energy without the crash. Especially since I have a busy little one that I need to take care of everyday. I like to add to my decaf coffee and/or tea (1-2tsp) everyday and you cannot taste it!

Beauty Bomb
Alicia C.

It has helped my nails so much and I struggle with hormonal imbalances and acne and it has helped with both as well.

Healthy skin 🥰🌸

I really love this product I give it five stars ✨

Amazing products!

We love your products.

Super Green Me
Kevin D.R.
Great stuff!

Tastes great, gave me energy and it’s a super blend of natural ingredients! 🙌🏼👌🏼

Lion's Mane
Louise V.
Lion’s Mane

It is totally awesome!

Marine Collagen
Rhonda Y.
Marine Collagen

Been using for several months. My skin, hair and nails are amazing.

Vanilla Matcha
Jenny S.


Blue mood

I love this spirulina, such a beautiful color and refreshing when I need that extra boost!


love the products but really really miss the on the go packets especially the maca

Adaptogenic coffee.

I am so thankful for Earth mama medecine who introduced to the Resere I love all the products that I have tried to this day thank you for helping me in the journey of a healthy life ❤️.

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