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AMAZING product

I love love love adding collagen to my diet !! I started 2 years ago and saw such an improvement in my skin it's amazing. I'm not a huge believer in supplements but this is a hit for me.

Love The reserve product

I love the products from The Reserve. The ingredients are amazing, they don't add any artificial sweeteners and I love that they run their brand with small fresh inventory and that they test everything. The beauty bomb actually worked amazing. After a couple of month my hair and nails were so much healthier and stronger it was great !!! The only downside is that I wish I could take this only with water but taste is not powerful enough so I usually mix it in a yogurt or a juice.

the best matcha in the world

I love love love love this matcha ! it's SO convenient and mess free to have those little packets and the taste is amazing. I also love all the extra benefits of the adaptogens & the inulin in it. I have been reading about the studies on Lion's Mane and was so happy to find a matcha with it.

Amazing quality

I have been using spirulina forever and I switched to this brand because I love that they test everything and they keep such small stock (in fact they are pretty often out of stock). The quality is amazing, the color is vibrant and you can smell the freshness of the spirulina. I make smoothies to boost my immune system as the taste is a bit too much for me but I feel great about adding this green to my diet and I am never sick !!


the taste of this mix is so yummy. I mixed it with soy milk!

Obsessed !!!!!

I'm obsessed with those little fun packets. The packaging is so cool and the ingredients are AMAZING. If you're looking for a true healthy alternative to your lattes this is it. I would say taste is not super strong and boxes are pretty small but I stock up during sales !!

Power blend

I love love love this blend . The smell and taste is awesome and the ingredient list is amazing. I make some breakfast bowl with it every morning ! I'm on my third order with you guys and I'm so happy I found you. Your customer service is also always so nice !!

Real japanese Matcha

I'm very picky with my Matcha and this is the only company I order from. The Matcha is always fresh and has a great subtle taste. It's on the expensive end but I manage to often take advantage of a coupon and it makes sense as it's a true japanese matcha

Amazing Product!

I've been taking this every morning since I purchased this (2 weeks ago) I love that I get my intake of greens so easily! I also have so much energy throughout the day! Will continue to purchase!


Great product, great customer service, great variety of superfoods. Really satisfied.

must have

Must have!!! Love The Reserve


Great benefits, taste and packaging!

That's a must have in a any diet! I love this company and what they offer.

5 stars

I have been using this on a daily basis since I got it. After gym, after any training that I have, I can really feel a change in my body and the way my muscles react to effort. I don't have anymore muscle pain whenever I level up my training, it simply helps me transition smoother to different workouts. 5 stars.

super combo

Super combo! Better to start with these than just one single blend, for the variety in your diet. Loved it.


The name is true - you become stronger every day. It has 2 of the most beneficial mushrooms. They give me energy and focus.

5 stars

awesome powder! Mixing it in my smoothies, or just simple drinks (i just put coconut water in my shaker and ad the powder and shake it well). Recomending it!

took this for the name! :D

Matcha + Mushroom = LOVE
I love this company, their blends are all very creative mixes.

Good quality

Loved the ingredients in this one! 1 mushroom plus one of the greatest superfoods: goji & maca. All organic, great!


i mix this with spinach and bananas in my morning smoothies, it's a great healthy mix: Moring & Ashwagandha are my favorite superfood plants. 5 stars!

This is my 2nd blend that I tried from The Reserve. I also tried their Stronger Than Yesterday one. I love that this one has all the best green superfoods, very convenient and efficient!


This might be the best blend The Reserve has came up with, I've been a longtime client so I really love what they're bringing new, and this one was a huge hit for me :D


So many good ingredients in this blend, and all vegan and natural! Love it


all of the good mushrooms in one mix, that's an amazing idea .I ordered it recently and had no delays or issues with the delivery, I started using the mix already and to be honest I feel more focused and clear minded, that's an amazing effect, I would recommend this to my friends!

great mix

Maca and Collagen is a great mix. Really original packaging as well!

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