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Great product!

I love that these are sugar free and vegan, but I’ve really noticed a difference in my nails and skin! Very impressed. I’ll keep ordering these as long as I can get them, thank you Reserve!!

My favorite drink

High-quality Matcha! Delicious!

Great but Messy

I really did enjoy the blue spirulina in my smoothies, but I was so happy to be done with it on yesterday. It is very messy and would love to see it in a jar vs a resealable bag.

Super Green Me
Patricia H.
Great product

Use it in my smoothies. Don’t have to worry about veggies going bad before I can use them. Love it

Love it

I love trying new products.

Beauty Bomb
Jodi S.
Love it all

My favorite things are the coffee packets, as they have been a life and $ saver on vacation, as well as being delicious! I also love the greens, and crave it every day!

Great Taste

Wonderful ceremonial grade Matcha. Wonderful slightly sweet taste. Highly recommend!

Vegan Healthy Creamer

Matcha is great, but adaptogenic matcha is the next level, hahaha!
This is my favorite kind of matcha blend. I always drink matcha before a long run!

It's so great to see new products from my favorite superfoods brand!!
I tried this for one week now and I can say that I feel more energetic and I rarely have an upset stomach.
Lion's mane is such a great addition in my matcha!

Adaptogenic Matcha
Brittany C.

My hubby loves this! He's a big matcha fan but I am more of a coffee fan.
I used to buy Lion's Mane separately and add it in our drinks, so this mix is really great!
The texture is sooo smooth!


OMG!! This is exactly what I was looking for!!
As an athlete I often struggle getting all the needed vitamins and nutrients in.
This salad dressing is surely helping with this almost-impossible quest, haha!
I really enjoyed the minty flavor <3!

So I used to buy The Reserve's products for my mother due to their amazing taste and health benefits, and she enjoyed them so much!
Two days ago I had the biggest surprise when she ordered this for my birthday!
I used it mostly in my cocktails and I can say that it's soo refreshing!

Superfood Dressing
Brittany C.
Yummy for the little ones!

My kids really really love this dressing!
It's really hard to convince the little devils to eat their vegetables, but this salad dressing is really heaven-sent!
Besides, it also has soo many vitamins and nutrients which are really needed for my little ones to grow strong and healthy!

The best thing about this coffee blend is that I can take it with me while traveling and prepare myself a cup whenever I want!
The taste is really amazing (I love coconut tasteee!) and it's exactly what I need to get ready for my competitions and workouts!

I love preparing this with soy milk! It gives such earthy tones!
Yesterday I made a cup of adaptogenic coffee and drank it while watching the rain pouring down my window.
These calms mornings are the way to go!
Thank you The Reserve for such great, top-notch products!

Adaptogenic Coffee
Brittany C.
Healthy coffee

I totally love The Reserve's adaptogenic coffee blend!
I was searching for a healthier option to swipe up my normal coffee since I get severe heartburns.
Since I am using this blend I can proudly say that my tummy never felt better!
Would totally recommend!!

Pure Matcha

Delicious and Pure! This matcha doesn’t have that “grassy” taste

Vanilla Matcha

makes the matcha taste more of a vanilla flavor and less of a green matcha flavor

Blue lagoon!

Love the vibrant blue color! Tastes great! Love making smoothies with it. An awesome product!

I love it!

I put it in smoothies, I made frosting for donuts, (they looked a little scary, but tasted amazing). When I have it daily I feel great!

Vanilla Matcha
Hazel O.

Vanilla Matcha

Love it.

It gives me a lots of energy and makes me feel a lot better, love the blue algae!!

Shani N.
Helps with sugar cravings!

I'm working on my sugar levels and although I haven't been back to the doctor yet, I have noticed a considerable difference in my cravings for sugar. I don't like the smell, but it doesn't taste like it smells, and I definitely feel the benefits!

I would buy it again

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