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Love it

It’s so tasty!!

Amazing the coconut flavor is really good and doesn’t taste fake

Adaptogenic Coffee



Healthy pick- me up!

Love this matcha! Easily mixes. Great flavor. Immediate energy boost with no junk or sugar or caffeine!

Super Smoothie Bundle

Plant based collagen

I love being able to purchase a plant based collagen. The texture is really nice. I do wish it came in another flavour or even no flavour so I could add to non fruit smoothies or other things without the tart flavour. Also, the powder seems to collect in the lid threading and is quite messy after the shipping

Beauty Bomb

I really enjoy this product; first of all the ascetic of it is beautiful - just to look at this powder makes me smile every morning and enjoy adding it to my protein drink - the ingredients are amazing. Love it!

Can't live without it

Purchase from this website months ago and I been using them constantly and literally haven't gotten sick at all

Savannah P.

This is one of my favorites

Lion's Mane
Gracie D.

Lion's Mane

Great product

You can tell the difference when you consume this nutrient. The color alone makes you happy but the nutrients are phenomenal and the price point Is affordable

Leticia M.
Love the color!

Purchased my spirulina powder and have used it in smoothies and homemade yogurt. It is such a beautiful color and has no bad taste or texture. Blends smoothly. Appears to be a much better quality than other spirulina products I have purchase online.


I have enjoyed. I feel I can tell a difference.

Elderberry Gummies

So yummy! Great flavor and texture!

Great matcha

This matcha has great flavor. It's smooth yet not bitter. I appreciate the sale discounts that are offered for this matcha. I will repurchase from here .

Roger I.

As person that don't eat meat these products as help me mentally and physically bcz of my busy schedule now they're a part of my daily routine ❤

The best

can't go wrong with vegan and sugar free. taste very good, I love this nature gummies, it does alot for me, helps with allergies, Keep my immune system strong.

Mushroom Blend
Larry M.
We do love this product. GREAT TASTE and healthy ingredients and plan to KEEP ordering MORE.

We love this product and plan to get more. It's not easy to find healthy choices and this one is a KEEPER. LOVE IT.


No flavor…mixes easily! Great product.

So grateful for this!!!

I have been plant-based for 4 years, and have had such a hard time finding a plant-based collagen and this is amazing!!! Thank you so much!!

Vanilla Matcha
Brandy M.
Absolutely phenomenal!!!!

I enjoy this flavor greatly! I bought the original ceremonial matcha and the vanilla matcha and I've already finished the vanilla and am excited about purchasing more. The vanilla flavor is not overwhelming but instead is absolutely delicious.

Tasty and energizing!

Usually drinks with mushroom powder have a strange taste but this is very good and it has a pleasant calm but energizing effect!

Adaptogenic Coffee

Caramel Matcha
Stacie S.
Caramel Matcha

Taste great..I add it to my coffee.

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