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Blue spriluna

Just pleasant in taste and look and make you feel good!

Good flavor and awesome customer service

I love the viking matcha! It has a really great flavor on its own or in a smoothie! I did expect it to be a little spicier, but I also have a high tolerance for spicy foods so maybe thats why I didn't notice it.

Also I had an issue with my package (which may have just been from shipping), but I got in contact with their customer service and they fixed my issue in minutes! I totally recommend both this product and this brand.

I liked it very much!

High quality spirulina

Very high quality spirulina. Ideal for a shake.

Great product

I’m loving the taste of your powders. 😊

Plant based collagen booster

I really like this product, but it doesn't blend as smoothly as I would like. It comes in a very small container, too. I'm not sure I'd buy again. But the taste is very good.

Choco Glow Latte - Blue

I absolutely love this product! I ordered another box. The taste is excellent and it blends smooth in almond milk. Please keep it in stock!


ordered this with a discount code but was not expecting to fall in love with it. totally did!!! highly recommend!

Viking Matcha

Recipe for your matcha

As I said in my previous review I take match for mental clarity and calmness, and I like to give you my recipe. I mix 1/2 teaspoon of matcha, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of Manuka Honey, 1 cup of hot almond milk, and sometimes I add 1 teaspoon of collagen. I just mix the whole thing together. Coconut oil is amazing for energy and brain function too. This recipe helps to study hours straight with mental clarity. Good luck to you! Oh one more thing, --as you can see I love to share the good news :) --I am loosing weight with this blend as it makes me feel satisfied for hours.

Excellent for anxiety and metal clarity!

I'm so glad I found this brand of Matcha! this matcha is sweet and smoothy. I want to have it more than twice a day just because of its flavor--It's absolutely delicious! For me however, the biggest thing is that I need something to support my brain function (I am working on my thesis project), and coffee was making me more anxious than I normal am, which is already too anxious :). Matcha on the other hand, gives me mental clarity with calmness--A heaven combination! I'm so in love with what match is doing for me that I am planing to give some of these for my love ones as christmas gifts. I super recommend you to give it a try.

Ultra Premium Ceremonial Organic Matcha

Smooth, silky, yummy😊

So delicious

I love the healthy creamer! It’s super delicious and I feel so good from it! Definitely recommend it

Ultra Premium Ceremonial Organic Matcha

So blue!!!!

I taste 4 stars due to the packaging. In opening my packet there was a lot of spillage.

Ultra Premium Ceremonial Organic Matcha

So awesome

This was a great purchase. I love it just mixed like cocoa and also added to morning oats. Felt great using such wonderful products

Ashwagandha - PRE ORDER

Love it!

Thanks for making a great product!


This product is so lovely! First off, the colour is so attractive and second, it adds quite the character to anything you mix it with, whether smoothies, oats, or meals. Love it!!

I am really happy because « the reserve » knew how to answer to my expectations.

Organic Spirulina - PRE ORDER


I love it

Excellent products

I have been trying many different medicinal mushrooms and finally found a company I love

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