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Matcha Gift Set Bundle


  • Perfect gift bundle
  • A glimpse of ceremonial tea preparation
  • Your tea experience brought to a whole new level

  • Perfect gift bundle
  • A glimpse of ceremonial tea preparation
  • Your tea experience brought to a whole new level

Product Details

Our Matcha Gift Set will create an exquisite experience of the ceremonial tea preparation that will take you for a few minutes in the mysterious and delightful Japan!

Perfect in every tea lover's home & an amazing gift!

Use, Ingredients & Servings

  • 1 Chasaku : to help you measure the perfect amount of matcha for your preparation
  • 1 Whisk : to smoothly blend your matcha in order to obtain the amazing foamy drink
  • 1 Whisk Holder : this way you can maintain the unique shape of your utensils
  • 1 Matcha Bowl: to use in your traditional preparation of matcha
  • 1 Can of Ultra Premium Ceremonial Matcha: so you can prepare it in a traditional way and enjoy!

RECOMMENDATION:  use your chasaku to pick your matcha and mix it in a bit of water with your whisk, until foam forms at the top. Add the rest of your hot (but not boiling ) water or milk of choice (adjust proportions to taste). We recommend warm liquids for better solubility, but you can shake in cold or iced liquids as well.

FREE FROM: Sugar, GMO, Soy, Dairy, Gluten, Additives

SHELF LIFE: 6 months after opening the product as long as it is kept in a dry and cool space.

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• Shake or whisk into water, milk, juice
• Blend into smoothies or bowls
• Stir into oats, salad dressings or yogurts
• Add into your favorite baking recipes



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Love it!!

Good quality set, I love them so much planning on getting another set for extra.

Bought it for a friend, kept it for myself haha

So it was my friend's birthday and we are both matcha fans (I introduced her to The Reserve and now she's simply IN LOVE with you guys) and I really wanted to get her something special so I bought this!
But when the package arrived I simply loved it too much and kept the bowl for myself, ahahha! I gave her the whisk because she always complained that her previous one was poor quality.
She literally told me that I saved her from premature aging ahahaha!


I am a huge matcha lover and when I saw that The Reserve has this, I immediately had to have one!
I love preparing the matcha with this set and sharing this little ritual with my mom. This is when she shares so many childhood memories with me and I am so happy to see that she still remembers these and it makes her happy!
Thank you for this!


My husband bought this for me on our anniversary!
We met in a Japanese tea house 14 years ago. I was the waitress and I spilled his tea by mistake, haha!
I am really surprised by the quality of the set! It has everything you need for an authentic experience!!

So glad this is back in stock!!

I bought this set when it was first sold a few years ago. It has everything you need for the solo matcha ceremony experience, and all the items are of great quality as well! I especially love the bowl! Unfortunately my first set was destroyed in a house fire, so when I saw it go on sale again, I hopped on it so fast!

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